• Dec 02, 2018

      Ok so these are my thoughts this Sunday morning.

      The most polaristic energies seem to be the most impacting across the ever-expanding range of possibilities.. Maybe this is why opposites attract?

      Life couldn’t seem to exist without exact opposites like black and white, cold and hot, day and night. I mean we wouldn't even be able to differentiate anything, for us to see light, shade must exist - vice versa.

      But wouldn’t you say these antonymic examples are both sides of the same coin? Many say the opposite of life is death but isn't death just part of life? Every opposite is connected by levels of perceived frequencies but also an infinite range of unperceived frequencies.

      So basically even though the most impacting "stream" of energies are the most polaristic, they are STILL both sides of the same coin!

      Any thoughts?

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