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  • Reaching deep into the guts of society just to show them the jewels they were unknowingly holding within all along.

  • What thought can come into this space? As you ask this question, notice the interval before a thought shows up. Notice the intervals between thoughts.

    If a thought enters that is disturbing, it has come into a sacred place–a place of light and love. The light of awareness dissolves the thought.

    The light is who you are, who all others are, and who you all have been, always. The disturbing thought represents a rampant case of mistaken identity. Who you are is not that disturbing thing. Who anyone else is, without exception, is not that disturbing thing.

    Walk in the light of who you are today, and see it in everyone. Anything else is confusion and can be seen through.

      • Mattpro55 Wow stopped me in my tracks!!!
        Apr 10, 2020
  • The clock is ticking backwards as I learn about my second brain and I’m not talking pineal glands.

  • 1/10 an ounce of fluoride is enough to kill a 100 pound adult.

  • Fluoride has been banned in France, maybe that’s why they’re not afraid to protest?

  • Try your utter best, when you run out of energy keep going and don’t worry what they think because either way they’re going to find a reason to complain. Unfortunately that’s the ‘common’ outcome in current times however deep inside remember you’ve been giving it your all you got and still pushing to exceed.

    Just hang in there.

  • If time is real, why do we have different times all around the world?

  • Trapped in my mind

  • Yes, my dear friend, life is a riddle and maybe our purpose isn't set in stone but rather self-defined.

  • Ok so these are my thoughts this Sunday morning.

    The most polaristic energies seem to be the most impacting across the ever-expanding range of possibilities.. Maybe this is why opposites attract?

    Life couldn’t seem to exist without exact opposites like black and white, cold and hot, day and night. I mean we wouldn't even be able to differentiate anything, for us to see light, shade must exist - vice versa.

    But wouldn’t you say these antonymic examples are both sides of the same coin? Many say the opposite of life is death but isn't death just part of life? Every opposite is connected by levels of perceived frequencies but also an infinite range of unperceived frequencies.

    So basically even though the most impacting "stream" of energies are the most polaristic, they are STILL both sides of the same coin!

    Any thoughts?

  • Embrace your character. What a beautiful thing to love the person you are when nobody is watching. Having a clear conscious and feeling great because deep inside you know you are chasing authenticity no matter the thoughts of others.

  • What if we had everything we ‘wanted’? Bet we would still find something to go after. I like to chase the moment 🍃