Will Smith - How To Find Your Purpose

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Published Aug 20, 2018 Description
"A big part of finding your mission, your purpose, and your meaning comes from exploring and experiencing. " -Will Smith

"The universe teaches through experience. You got to explore and experience. That's how you open the dialogue with the universe to get those answers." -Will Smith

"You create something, use your gifts, and then you give them to the world." -Will Smith

"Explore. Experience. Create. And Relate." -Will Smith

"Your mission and your Purpose is always going to be about what is your contribution to the human family? How are you a benefit to existence? How are you a benefit to your friends, family, and the world? What is your contribution to the human family?" -Will Smith

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LucyJan 24, 2019
So thats what you meant by I AM LEGEND... surviving within zombies, just trying to make the best out of it all !
RemedySep 12, 2018
Short and sweet video.. "Explore, Experience, Create,