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  • A show dedicated to examining the subtle realities that connect us all. Each episode host Noah Lampert speaks with new guests to find out their unique perspectives on life, reality and beyond.

    You Got This

    Jessa Reed's Sacral Is Active

    12 Disciples Revisited

    Theta Healing with Jessie Lavery

    Locking In

    Imaginal Techniques #1 Revisited

    Reality 101 Revisited

    Deities, Spells and More with Jaliessa Sipress

    Lacey Is Free

    Who's Ready for 2024?

    Very Ape Synchronicity with Sean and Cass

    Is Astrology Even Real with Starlite

    The Art Of You with James McCrae

    Tess Lampert Has A List

    Reconnecting With Ryan Singer

    Is Everything OK?

    Creative Crunch with Nicole BZ

    Wake Up Sleepyhead with Ramin Nazer

    The Money Dance

    Psychic Farming

    Tuning Your Frequency

    Fields of Resonance

    The Four Mighty Ones


    Nightmare Button with Jessa Reed and Mark Pontius

    Metaphysical Health

    Chaotic Opportunities

    The Subconscious Struggle

    Get The Dab with Sean & Cass

    It's The End Of The World...Again

    It Really Works, Test It

    Surfing The Mystic with Pea The Feary

    Writing Out Your Life with Tales of Lara

    Imagination Illumination

    Subconscious Soup

    A Collective Shift

    End of The Old / Beginning of The New

    Stabilizing Gratitude

    From Many To One

    November Energy Preview


    External Factors

    Oh Riiiiiight, You're God

    October Energy Reading

    Time Modulation

    Energy Is Joy Delight

    Fill Your Energy Bar with Jessa Reed

    Crab Lord 5000 Checking In

    Ramblin' with Ramin

    Kerry MacLean

    I'm Back

    Fear Factory

    Ritual Union with Lacey Free


    Everything Is A Meme with James McCrae

    Meat Grinder Energy

    Taste Your Spirit Guides

    The Return of Emmett Kai

    Bill Patrick Had A Rough Week

    Money Is A Meme

    Have Fun

    Everything Is A Ponzi with Sean and Cass


    Pea The Feary Is On Fire

    Functional Fear

    Jessa Reed Returns

    Everything Exists

    Mirror Worlds

    Contract and Expand

    Can You Believe It?


    What Is Life with Lara from Pussy Church

    Cosmic Spirals

    Ramin Returns

    Unwell with Bill Patrick

    Always You

    Into The Body with Duncan Heywood

    The Law of Substitution

    Shadow Realms

    Bite The Spoon Energy

    You Deserve It All

    Dreams Course with Steven and Mikey Kampmann


    Rodin from Waterbaby Tarot + Bomispirit

    Two Minds

    Lifting The Cloud

    Into Place

    We're All Dead with Ramin Nazer

    Taking Hits with Jessa Reed

    Turning The Corner

    The Rope-A-Dope

    Bill Patrick

    Shadow Boxing

    Time To Heal

    Deniz Kurtel

    Worlds Colliding

    Death and Destruction

    You're The DJ

    Out Of The Void, Into The Dream

    My Mom, Donna Burns Talks Weed and Psychedelics

    Mushroom Vibes with Pea The Feary

    The Shift

    Tales From The Energetic Front Lines with Rodin from WaterBaby Tarot

    Dead People Stuff with Karen Rontowski

    Your Heart Is A Flamethrower

    Vortex of Opportunity with Sean and Cass

    Opening The Flood Gates with Mark Pontius

    Remembering The Dream

    Destiny Is Your Memory

    Cosmic Shifts with Juliana McCarthy

    Cosmic Orgasms with Lara from Pussy Church

    Plant Your Seeds

    The Pain Game

    276 Patreon Sneak Peek: Questions Answered

    Patreon Sneak Peek: Questions Answered

    Death and Rebirth with Lacey Free

    Reality 201

    Riding Chaos Waves with Sean and Cass

    Paranormal Synchronicity with Ryan Singer

    How To Stay Cool When Everything Goes Wrong

    Spin It Out

    Nothing Is Important

    Music Inception with Emmett Kai

    Be A Phoenix

    Surfing The Live Divine

    Surfing The Life Divine

    Keep It Light

    Cosmic Community with Sean, Cass and Joey

    Faith and Confidence

    Imagine Knowing

    Lou From The Bronx

    Love is Fun

    Wet For Change with Adrienne Airhart

    Level Up

    Life is Kwesi with Kwesi

    Ayahuasca + Tuning Your Frequency

    Best Timeline with Ramin Nazer


    Practical Tarot with Melinda Lee Holm

    Death and Resurrection

    Migration with James McCrae

    The Wish Fulfilling Jewel

    Mystic Overtones with Ryan Singer

    The Karmic Purge

    Ascension with Jessa Reed

    Now Entering The Dream Matrix

    Sex and Stuff with Lara from Pussy Church

    Love Everyone, Start With Yourself

    Crystal Consciousness with Tess Lampert

    The 12 Disciples

    Sacred Spaces with Alexis Readinger

    Reality 103

    Embracing Change

    Step Into Your Role with Johanna Warren

    From Fear and Doubt To Faith and Expectancy

    Money 101

    Synchronicity Reading with Ali Crowley

    Reality 102

    How To Be An Animal

    The History and Alchemy of Tarot

    The History and Alchemy of Tarot with Robert M. Place

    Imagination Q&A #4

    DMT, NYC and Higher Love

    Exploring The Mystic Arts with Sean Coan

    229 Effort vs Imagination + 6D Consciousness

    Effort vs Imagination + 6D Consciousness

    Becoming Deities + The Music Of The Spheres

    Becoming Gods + Music Of The Spheres

    Plants Are Your Friends with Jocelyn Perez

    The Promise

    Imagination Questions & Answers #3

    Reality 101

    Acceptance, Attachment, Forgiveness and Power

    What Is Reality with Nick Hinton

    Desire, Fear, Pain and Your Shadow

    Who Is God with Maggie Hazen

    Imaginal Astrology

    The Apocalypse Is Coming!

    Surfing The Astral Plane with Aja Daashuur

    Your Imagination Questions Answered #2

    Practical Astrology #2 with S.J. Anderson

    Recognition/Discernment VS Identification/Judgement

    Shifting Timelines and Dimensional Upgrades with Jessa Reed

    Imaginal Techniques Megamix

    Embracing Your Inner Oracle with Jennifer Sodini

    Seeking Subtle Truths + The Five Daughters

    Love/Hate + Building A Bridge Between Your Conscious and Subconscious

    The "I AM" Techinque, Revision Revisited + Inner Talk

    Mental Illness + Imagination

    Uncovering Who You Are with Cory Allen

    Your Imagination Questions Answered #1

    Imaginal Techniques #4 - Using Your Friends As Angels, Divination and Healing Ancestral

    Practical Mystic Astrology #1 with S.J. Anderson

    Doubt, Impatience + Staying Grounded

    The Art Of Prayer + The Law of Reversibility

    Death, Comedy and Realizing Your Dreams with Chris Calogero

    200 Stillness and Humbleness

    Money + Imagination

    Drugs // Imagination // A Whole New World

    #197 Social Activism + Anger / Gathering Internal + External Resources / Appropriating States

    Imaginal Techniques #3

    #195 // Step Into The Dream with Steven Kampmann

    #194 Imaginal Stability / Threshold Guardians / Pursuit of Love

    Imaginal Techniques #1

    Stars, Dreams And Astrology with Juliana McCarthy

    Third Eye Drop In with Michael Phillip

    Desire, Universal Laws and Miracles with Mitch Horowitz

    The Power of Cannabis with Andi Novick

    Imagine Duncan Trussell

    CBD + Finding Your Purpose + Nature with Ret and Adriaan from NED

    The Return of Jack Carroll Returns

    DEATH and DYING with Death Doula Jill Schock

    Finding Balance Through Astrology with Stephanie Princip

    Practical Astrology with S.J. Anderson


    Intuition with Cory Allen

    Mushrooms and More with Katherine MacLean

    Connection, Identity Politics and Ayahuasca with Anna Lundgaard Lewis

    Riding the Wave with Erick Godsey

    Vedic Astrology Part 2 with Kathleen Whalen

    Playing Your Cards with Alexander Dunlop

    Mantras with Lily Cushman

    Symbols, Balance and The Paranormal with Jim Perry


    Red Pill, Blue Pill, Everyone Gets A Pill with Michael Donovan

    Psilocybin, Circles and Healing Trauma with Chi Amsterdam

    As Above, So Below with Dr. Bernard Beitman

    Tricksy Guruses with Devin Person

    The Very Sync Podcast - Reintegration

    Student vs Teacher with Yung Pueblo

    Psychosis and Synchronicity

    Comedy, Context and Nuance with Jack Carroll

    Love, LSD and Music with Colin Frangicetto

    Questioning Growth with Paul Jarvis

    Maura James from Unbroken Chain

    John F. Simon Jr Returns

    Exploring Epigenetics with David Krantz

    Looking Within with Juha Riverhill

    Music, Polarization and Perseverance with Nick Lutsko

    Mushrooms, Creativity and Yoshino Judo Flipping Me

    Who Knows? The Shadow Knows...with Chris Casuse

    Women, Psychedelics, Autonomy and Eugenics with Erika Dyck

    The Beginner's Guide to Losing Your Mind with Shane Mauss

    Real Magic with Dean Radin

    Magic, Reality and Volatility + EP Release

    Gradual Awakening with Dr. Miles Neale

    Alex Grey

    Dreams Course with Steven Kampmann

    The Business of Spirituality

    Zev Le Wolfe

    Stories, Music and Social Action with Rena Jones

    Eidetic Imagery with Wendy Yellen

    The World of Spirits with Aja Daashuur

    Michael Garfield Is Smart

    Everything Gets to Stay with Ramin Nazer

    Standing At The Edge with Roshi Joan Halifax

    Don't Turn A Blind Eye with Zach Leary

    Lean In

    Mother's Calling with Ambika

    Into the Deep with Michael Donovan

    The Proud American Podcast with Sean and Cass

    You Rule

    Writing Your Own Narrative with Michael Philliip

    5-MEO-DMT + What's Really Real with Martin Ball

    Shane Mauss Pierced the Veil

    Sound Healing, Ayahuasca and Balance with Lea Garnier

    The Soul of the Artist with Justin Hopkins

    John Dee and The Empire of Angels with Jason Louv

    Time Cycles with Vedic Astrologer Kathleen Whalen

    Exploring Astrology and Cryptocurrency


    Cryptocurrency and the Collective Unconscious

    The Eight Karmic Winds of Cryptocurrency


    Crypto Consciousness

    Death and Money with Kelly MacLean

    Jack Carroll Returns!

    American Mussar with Greg Marcus

    Money, Obsession and Forging Your Own Path

    Happy New Year + I Love You

    Cryptosynchronicity Part 2 with Stephen Hadeed Jr.

    The Dharma of Ethan Nichtern

    Creating A New Reality with Jennifer Sodini


    When Life Becomes One Giant Synchronicity

    Healing with Edan Harari

    Between Two Worlds with Dr. Michael Daine | 110

    Miracles, Time and Love with Jordan Bach | 109

    Being A Not-Bullshit Psychic with Bernadette Dickinson | 108

    Invisible and Visible Love with Yung Pueblo | 107

    Life is Psychedelic with Michael Phillip | 106

    Riding the Shamanic Wave with Alyson Charles | 105

    Comedy, Creativity + Spirituality | Well-Being in the Modern Age | 104

    Addiction, Mystics + Miracles with Luke Storey | 103

    Astral Sex Orgies, Polyamory + Subverting Paradigms with Sean Dunne and Cass Greener | 102

    Ep. 101 - LSD, Ayahuasca + Going Viral with Aristotle Georgeson

    Ep. 100 - Real Love with Sharon Salzberg

    Ep. 99 - The Eclipse + Archetypal Astrology + Game of Thrones with Adam Sommer

    Ep. 98 - The Kingdom of Heaven with Johnny Pemberton

    Ep. 97 - The Power of Sound + Music with Alexandre Tannous

    Ep. 96 - Spiritual Politics with David Silver

    Ep. 95 - Life Beyond Death with Dr. Eben Alexander

    Ep. 94 - Accessing and Following Your Intuition with Thomas Miller

    Ep. 93 - Comedy, Marijuana, Psychedelics and Aliens with Adrienne Airhart