Kyle Bent - Complex Simplicity (Short Film)

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Published Dec 26, 2017 Description
I find it funny that most peoples biggest fear is death, 'cause to be honest I think most of us have the concept of death more than we do of living..

LucyJan 24, 2019
Amazing video, can't believe it was uploaded 2017 and the vibes are still high!!
bhill9816Jan 10, 2018
This is dooope! SO much truth and inspiration in this video!! Well said Kyle :)
SunViibeJan 10, 2018
Soo much truth in his message! Indigos are on the rise!
DualityDec 31, 2017
So inspirational, we create the world we live in, whether you believe in law of attraction or not, we always attract what we think about. So if we don't believe in the law of attraction, we won't get it due to that belief. :)
RemedyDec 26, 2017
Love it! From finish to end, every word brings about inspiration. Thank you for sharing such great wisdom. Peace and love!