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  • 5G waves are ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity. Whereas 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G use between 1 and 5 gigahertz frequency, 5G uses between 24 and 90 gigahertz frequency. 4G was bad in the long term so they got away with it.. 5G is much more powerful guys!

    #covid19 #coronavirus #IDONOTCONSENTTO5G #idonotgiveconcentto5gandvaccunes #newfriends #no5g #novaccine

  • Today's a great day to make the best out of every single moment!

      • Tupaz This moment is a great moment to make the best out of every single day as well! ;P
        Mar 08, 2018
  • Isn't it something how no matter what you do, you are changing an infinite amount of outcomes.. even reading this post impacted the path of endless possibilities directly correlated with you at this precise moment..

  • Hello Duality!

      • Gland No, this is not a dream ;)
        Dec 23, 2017
      • Duality this always makes me laugh hehe
        Mar 07, 2018