The Gaia Hypothesis

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Published Aug 17, 2018 Description
Are we at one with the Earth? Is our relationship with our planet..symbiotic? This may sound like the ramblings of a dirty, tree-fondling hippy, but the idea to which we are referring is a genuine scientific theory put forward in the 1970's by chemist James Lovelock and microbiologist Lynn Margulis. Also known as Gaia Theory, Gaia Principle or Gaia used to hang out with but stopped when he wouldn't quit touching me, this idea originally proposed that our planet's habitability was regulated by the presence of life. The Gaia Principle could be seen as nothing more than an attempt to reframe how mankind sees the Earth, how it sees itself, how we think about the environment and how we treat all life throughout the world and beyond.More evidence in support of the Gaia Hypothesis can be found within Earth's oceans and through the measurement of our global temperatures.