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    Dr. Rick Hanson | Neurodharma

    Myq Kaplan | A.K.A.

    Susan Piver | Open Heart In The Cloud

    Sarah Urist Green | You Are an Artist

    Cal Callahan | The Great Unlearn

    Yoshino | Artist Decoded

    Sheila Morovati | Habits of Waste

    JP Sears | Fact Chunker

    Eric Zimmer | The One You Feed

    Michael Phillip | Reality Is A Wavy Line

    Yung Pueblo | Inward and Upward

    Jamie Kilstein | Answers in the Ocean

    Emily Fletcher | Manifesting Magic

    Sophia Rokhlin | Keys to the Universe

    East Forest | The Sound Within

    Dr. Shauna Shapiro | Good Morning, I Love You

    Hal Elrod | The Miracle Equation

    Miles Neale | The Wisdom of Virtue

    Hansa Bergwal | Death Can Teach Us To Live

    Geoff Woods | The One Thing

    Spring Washam | A Fierce Heart

    Michael Phillip | Chasm of Creation

    Justin Boreta | Listen, Dream

    Colin Frangicetto | The Cosmic Nod

    Christopher Bache | The Mind of the Universe

    Dr. Dan Engle and Dr. Joshua Flowers | Full Spectrum Humans

    Joe Patitucci

    Joe Patitucci | The Sound of Plants

    Philip Goff

    Philip Goff | Galileo's Error

    Michael Garfield

    Michael Garfield | Seeking and Finding

    Sanjay Rawal | Joy Through Exertion

    Josh Trent | Who We Are

    Loch Kelly | Effortless Mindfulness

    Myq Kaplan | This World Is For You


    Michael Phillip | Riding Infinity

    Jennifer Sodini | Wisdom of Ma’at

    Erik Davis | High Weirdness

    Seane Corn | Revolution of the Soul

    Brian Swimme | Journey of the Universe

    Albert Flynn DeSilver | Writing as a Path to Awakening

    Donald Hoffman | Why Evolution Hid The Truth

    Noah Lampert | Be What You Wish

    Jonathan Fields | How to Live A Good Life

    Kevin Kaiser | And Then I Woke Up

    Adreanna Limbach | Tea and Cake with Demons

    Charles Eisenstein | Wisdom of Unlearning

    Duncan Trussell | Basic Goodness

    Annaka Harris | Conscious

    Michael Phillip | Age of Wonder

    David Krakauer | The Science of Complexity

    Jon Mueller | Within Things

    Ellen Hendriksen | How to Be Yourself

    Hamilton Souther | Wheel of Existence

    Suzanne Ciani | A Life in Waves

    Daniel Pinchbeck | Balancing the Earth

    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith | Existence in the Unfurling

    Miles Neale | Disrupting Distraction

    John F Simon Jr | Stream-Entry Creativity

    Mikey Siegel | Consciousness Hacking

    JP Sears | Completely Relatable

    Charlie Ambler | Don’t Serve Your Thoughts Tea

    Rev. angel Kyodo williams | Love And Justice Are Not Two

    Ramin Nazer | You Control So Many Atoms

    Mark Coleman | From Suffering to Peace

    James Doty | The Magic of Compassion

    Michael Phillip | Nurture Your Knowledge

    Lily Cushman | Sacred Sounds

    Emily Fletcher | Stress Less, Accomplish More

    Colin Frangicetto | Being With What Is

    Jeff Warren | The Head Trip

    Matt Haig | Notes On A Nervous Planet

    Josh Korda | Opt Out Of Delusion

    Erick Godsey | Thoughts Have People

    Miles Neale | Gradual Awakening

    Brian Ramisch | Notes From The Inner World

    Susan Piver | The Four Noble Truths Of Love

    George Haas | The Meaningful Life

    William Von Hippel | The Social Leap

    Sahara Rose | Eat Feel Fresh

    Hamilton Souther | Returning To The Source

    Damien Echols | High Magick

    Tero Isokauppila | Mushroom Magic

    Evan Thompson | Waking Dreaming Being

    Kevin Kelly | Gratitude Is The Only Prayer

    Dr. Dan Engle | Born To Bond

    Brandon Beachum | Good Vibrations

    Michael Phillip | Computer Love

    Daniele Bolelli | The Tao of Conan

    Gene Baur | Eating For Peace

    Frank Ostaseski | Learning From Dying

    Shozan Jack Haubner | Zen Confidential

    John F Simon Jr | Your Life Is A Self-Portrait

    Shinzen Young | The Science of Enlightenment

    Dr. Daniel Siegel | Wheel of Awareness

    Devendra Banhart | The Luminosity of Now

    Kevin Kaiser | All Is Well

    Andrea Petersen | Quieting The Worry Soundtrack

    Colin Frangicetto | Give Way To Awe

    Jon Hopkins | Singularity

    Malcolm Rossiter | The Harmony of Existence

    Dr David Vago | Mapping The Meditative Mind

    Michael Phillip | Waves of Being

    Botany | The Light Is Raw

    Lama Tsultrim Allione | Journey Into The Mandala

    Donald Hoffman | The Case Against Reality

    Brian Ramisch | Collecting Reality Maps

    Kelly Carlin | Hearing Yourself Through The Noise

    Vince Horn | The Deep End Of The Awakening Pool

    Zach Leary | How Big Data Is Shaping The Political Landscape

    Gretchen Rubin | What Makes A Person Happy

    Guided Meditation: Who is Breathing?

    Chris Grosso | Dead Set On Living

    David Heti | And You Will Regret It

    Hamilton Souther | Absorbing The Myth

    Ryan Holiday | The Conspiracy Of Writing

    Culadasa | The Mind Illuminated

    Daniele Bolelli | Drinking Wine From The Skulls Of Public Intellectuals

    John F Simon Jr | Understanding Your Story

    Michael Phillip | The Strange Richness Of Inner Human Life

    Aubrey Marcus | Own The Day, Own Your Life

    Roshi Joan Halifax | Standing At The Edge

    Isaac Lidsky | Eyes Wide Open

    Greg Marcus | Shattering The Corporate Illusion

    Kevin Kaiser | Taking Ownership Of Life

    Conner Moore | Living It Lightly

    Jillian Pransky | Deep Listening

    Robert Thurman | Man of Peace

    William MacAskill | Doing Good Better

    Elena Brower | Meditation Without Striving

    Megan Devine | It’s OK That You’re Not OK

    Michael Phillip | Navigating Existential Aches

    Genevieve von Petzinger | The Origin Of Symbolism

    Dr Rick Hanson | How To Hardwire Happiness

    Matt Simon | The Wasp That Brainwashed the Caterpillar

    Dr Judson Brewer | Unwinding Anxiety

    Lewis Howes | The Mask of Masculinity

    Sharon Salzberg | Real Love

    Kyle Kingsbury | Punching Through To Peace

    Aubrey Marcus | Grabbing The Slippery Ego

    Tali Sharot | The Influential Mind

    Erick Godsey | The Awe Of Anomaly

    Michael Phillip | The Sweet Spot Of Free Will

    Donald Hoffman | How Our Perception Creates Reality

    Ryan Nicodemus | Everything That Remains

    Chris Grosso | Musical Mysticism

    Michael Garfield | When Technology Became Humanity

    Hamilton Souther | Peak States Of Consciousness

    Kevin Kaiser | Waking Up To Your Programming

    Dr Judson Brewer | The Craving Mind

    David Nichtern | Awakening From The Daydream

    Michael Phillip | The Tidal Wave Of Reality

    Lyman Hardy | Crashing Waves Of Psychedelic Culture

    Noah Lampert | Listening To The Life Force

    Jennifer Sodini | Evolve and Ascend

    Sah D’Simone | The Light And Dark Moments On The Path

    Bruce Damer | The Origin Of Life

    Jessica Golich | Overcoming Cynicism

    John F Simon Jr | Technology Is Shaping Our Reality

    Michael Donovan | A Photograph Can Steal Your Soul

    JP Sears | PodcastAF

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    #73 Live from LA with Daniele Bolelli, Zach Leary, and Michael Phillip at Mind/Wave

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    #63 Matt Xian

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    #60 Noah Lampert & Michael Phillip

    #59 Simon Haiduk

    #58 Chor Boogie + Elizabeth Bast

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    #53 Yoshino

    #52 Hamilton Souther

    #51 John F Simon Jr

    #50 Alexandre Tannous

    #49 David Heti

    #48 Noah Lampert

    #47 Michael Phillip

    #46 Cory Reads Cory

    #45 Seed of Intention

    #44 Kelly MacLean

    #43 Release Into Now

    #42 We Are Human, After All

    #41 Death Ceremonies and Earth Cycles

    #40 Existential Paralysis

    #39 The Catacombs Of Our Mind

    #38 One Pointed Mind

    #37 Kevin Kaiser

    #36 The Eagle Will Always Kill The Snake

    #35 Shattering the Mirror of Illusion

    #34 Jon Mueller

    #33 Brian Ramisch

    #32 Mitch Schultz [DMT: The Spirit Molecule]

    #31 Lawrence English

    #30 Raghu Markus

    #29 Daniele Bolelli

    #28 Peter Falker + Jason Hollander [Meditate This!]

    #27 Hamilton Souther

    #26 Aubrey Marcus

    #25 Symbols of the Subconscious

    #24 Look Into Your Own Eyes To See Other Dimensions

    #23 Be What You Are

    #22 What is a Human?

    #21 Observing Your Thoughts

    #20 Infinity In A Grain Of Sand

    #19 Guided Meditation with Binaural Beats

    #18 Derek Walmsley [The Wire Magazine]

    #17 Consciousness Cryptomnesia

    #16 Andrew M. McKenzie [The Hafler Trio]

    #15 BINAURAL BEATS...The Making Of

    #14 Jon Mueller

    #13 John F. Simon Jr

    #12 A Trip Down The Astral Plane

    #11 The Indulgence of Now

    #10 Mitch Schultz [DMT: The Spirit Molecule]

    #9 Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

    #8 Guided Heart Opening Meditation with Binaural Beats

    #7 Killing the Shadow Demon

    #6 Remember To See The Divinity

    #5 Daniele Bolelli

    #4 Speaking From the Heart-Mind

    #3 Let's Dilate Our Energetic Receptacles

    #2 Answers To Unanswerable Philosophical Questions

    #1 Spirit Sculptures Going Into Black Holes