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    #39 Building A Positive Mindset

    #38 Mindful Habit Change

    #37 Nate Klemp – Open

    #36 See Clearly, Suffer Less

    #35 Three Ways To Feel More Alive

    #34 The Magic Of Non-Attachment

    #33 Emotional Wisdom

    #32 We Are All Background Characters

    #31 Why It's Good When Things Don't Work Out

    #30 Michael Phillip – Do The Hard Thing

    #29 Ground Yourself With Gratitude

    #28 Jillian Turecki – On Love

    #27 Dr. Mariel Buque – Break The Cycle

    #26 Why Should You Meditate?

    #25 How To Trust Yourself

    #24 Growth Lives In The Unknown

    #23 Alli Webb – The Messy Truth

    #22 Billy Chapata – The Artist’s Way

    #21 Own Your Focus, Own Your Life

    #20 Brianna Pastor – Good Grief

    #19 Robert Sapolsky – Determined

    #18 Perspective Is Power

    #17 How To Create Meaningful Change That Lasts

    #16 Dr. Sara Kuburic – It’s On Me

    #15 Vex King – Closer To Love

    #14 Dr Nicole LePera – How To Be The Love You Seek

    #13 Focusing On What Truly Matters

    #12 Being Present With What Is

    #11 James McCrae - Out Of The Ego And Into The Ocean

    #10 Naming Your Pain Will Set You Free

    #9 Devi Brown - Deeply Well

    #8 Kristen Butler - The Power of Positivity

    #7 BLK ODYSSY - Diamonds & Freaks

    #6 Minna B - Owning Our Struggles

    #6 Minaa B - Owning Our Struggles

    #5 Danny Miranda - Go Inward To Find The Truth

    #4 Liz Tran - The Karma Of Success

    #3 Chris Ferreiras - How You Love Is Who You Are

    #2 Nikki Walton - Hearing Wisdom In The Silence

    #1 East Forest - How Mushrooms Created A Musical Revolution

    And Then It Hit Me

    How To Touch The Present Moment

    Help Yourself If You Want To Help Others

    Breaking Negative Mental Loops

    Why Letting Go Works

    How To Build Self-Trust

    How Calmness Creates Confidence

    The Power Of Perspective

    Setting Relationship Boundaries

    Awareness Is Growth

    Overcoming Self-Consciousness

    Nedra Glover Tawwab – Drama Free

    Stopping Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

    Redefine Yourself Often

    Protecting Your Energy

    How to Stop Overthinking

    Where You Speak From Matters

    Why Who We Spend Our Time With Makes Who We Are

    Should We Meditate to “Fix” Ourselves?

    Moving On From Past Mistakes

    The Power of Vulnerability

    Plateaus On the Path

    Fresh Perspectives On Gratitude

    Dr. Nicole LePera - How to Meet Your Self

    How to Clear Your Mind During Stressful Times

    Mindful Communication

    Portals On The Path

    Alexandra Elle – How We Heal

    Why Authenticity Deepens Connections

    Overcoming Self-Limiting Thoughts

    Christopher Willits - Gravity

    How to Notice Your Mindful Growth

    Yung Pueblo – Lighter

    Bonus: A Slight Change of Plans: Daniel Pink on the Science of Regret

    Why Do We Worry When Things Start Going Well?

    Sean Carroll - The Biggest Ideas In The Universe

    Welcome to The Astral Hustle

    Sharing Your Wisdom With Others

    Perfecting Your Morning Routine

    What Is Right Speech?

    Letting Go to Move Forward

    No Such Thing As Normal

    Why Reflection Makes You Timeless

    Staying Grounded with Gratitude

    Relaxing Into Authenticity

    Christopher Ryan – Civilized To Death

    The Power of Stillness

    Susan Cain - Bittersweet

    Mindfully Changing Behavior Habits

    Breaking The Barriers of Change

    Self Love & Loving Awareness

    How Releasing Attachments Helps Us Grow

    Desire Free

    Why You Are Not Your Thoughts

    Journey Judgment

    What Is Mental Clarity?

    Building Confidence

    Marcus Bridgewater aka Garden Marcus - How to Grow

    Justin Zorn & Leigh Marz - The Power of Silence

    James McCrae - Adoring the Unknown

    Eric Zimmer - The Path Deepens

    Kevin Kaiser - Do I Matter?

    Roger Jackson – Rebirth

    Dr. Becca Levy - Breaking The Age Code

    Mark Watts - Being In the Way

    Michael Phillip – Turning Anxiety Into Opportunity

    Arik Kershenbaum - Zoologist’s Guide to the Galaxy

    Dr. Ellen Vora - The Anatomy of Anxiety

    Vanessa Van Edwards – The Science of People

    Mark Epstein – The Zen of Therapy

    Guy Leschziner – The Man Who Tasted Words

    David Nichtern – Discovering The Meditator

    Ethan Kross – The Chatter In Our Head

    Daniel Pink - The Power of Regret

    Whitney Goodman – The End of Toxic Positivity

    Carl Erik Fisher – The History of Addiction

    Ian Morgan Cron

    Lavender Suarez

    Rupert Spira

    Amy Herman

    East Forest

    Jon Hopkins

    Alexandra Elle

    Paul Bloom

    Dr. Amishi Jha

    Sidarta Ribeiro

    Neil Shubin

    Eric Zimmer

    Dominic Liber

    Dr. Lisa Miller

    Dr. Dan Engle

    Ron Friedman

    James McCrae

    Robert Thurman

    Michael Phillip

    Simon Critchley

    Matt Haig

    Bonus: Methodical Mindfulness Training

    Wade Lightheart


    Dr. Ellie Anderson

    Tami Simon

    Chris Williamson

    Luke Burgis

    Terry Riley

    Jordan Ellenberg

    Andy Norman

    David Nichtern

    Heino Falcke

    Yung Pueblo

    Jamie Wheal

    Gina Hamadey

    Kevin Kelly

    Luvvie Ajayi Jones

    Steve Leder

    Nedra Glover Tawwab

    Dr. Jud Brewer

    Dr. Bruce Greyson

    Sharon Salzberg

    Justin Boreta

    Jedidiah Jenkins

    Dr. Carl Hart

    Frank Wilczek

    Steven Kotler

    Avi Loeb

    Rameshwar Das

    Kevin Kaiser

    Sarah Wilson

    Sasha Sagan

    Bryan Noll

    Katherine May

    Charlie Ambler

    Brian Ramisch

    Loving Kindness Guided Meditation

    Ramin Nazer

    Brian Muraresku

    Natalie Miles

    James Sebastiano

    W. Keith Campbell

    Sah D’Simone

    Blake Crouch

    Spencer Stephenson

    Dr. Miles Neale

    Myq Kaplan

    Erick Godsey

    Sebene Selassie

    Charlie Gilkey

    Hamilton Souther

    Damien Echols

    Christine Hassler

    Joe List

    Ariel Garten | Untangle

    James Nestor | Breath

    Mehcad Brooks | You Have A Chance

    Dawson Church | Bliss Brain

    Scott Barry Kaufman | Transcend

    Christopher Willits | The Unknown Sea

    Dr. Rick Hanson | Neurodharma

    Myq Kaplan | A.K.A.

    Susan Piver | Open Heart In The Cloud

    Sarah Urist Green | You Are an Artist

    Cal Callahan | The Great Unlearn

    Yoshino | Artist Decoded

    Sheila Morovati | Habits of Waste

    JP Sears | Fact Chunker

    Eric Zimmer | The One You Feed

    Michael Phillip | Reality Is A Wavy Line

    Yung Pueblo | Inward and Upward

    Jamie Kilstein | Answers in the Ocean

    Emily Fletcher | Manifesting Magic

    Sophia Rokhlin | Keys to the Universe

    East Forest | The Sound Within

    Dr. Shauna Shapiro | Good Morning, I Love You

    Hal Elrod | The Miracle Equation

    Miles Neale | The Wisdom of Virtue

    Hansa Bergwal | Death Can Teach Us To Live

    Geoff Woods | The One Thing

    Spring Washam | A Fierce Heart

    Michael Phillip | Chasm of Creation

    Justin Boreta | Listen, Dream

    Colin Frangicetto | The Cosmic Nod

    Christopher Bache | The Mind of the Universe

    Dr. Dan Engle and Dr. Joshua Flowers | Full Spectrum Humans

    Joe Patitucci

    Joe Patitucci | The Sound of Plants

    Philip Goff

    Philip Goff | Galileo's Error

    Michael Garfield

    Michael Garfield | Seeking and Finding

    Sanjay Rawal | Joy Through Exertion

    Josh Trent | Who We Are

    Loch Kelly | Effortless Mindfulness

    Myq Kaplan | This World Is For You


    Michael Phillip | Riding Infinity

    Jennifer Sodini | Wisdom of Ma’at

    Erik Davis | High Weirdness

    Seane Corn | Revolution of the Soul

    Brian Swimme | Journey of the Universe

    Albert Flynn DeSilver | Writing as a Path to Awakening

    Donald Hoffman | Why Evolution Hid The Truth

    Noah Lampert | Be What You Wish

    Jonathan Fields | How to Live A Good Life

    Kevin Kaiser | And Then I Woke Up

    Adreanna Limbach | Tea and Cake with Demons

    Charles Eisenstein | Wisdom of Unlearning

    Duncan Trussell | Basic Goodness

    Annaka Harris | Conscious

    Michael Phillip | Age of Wonder

    David Krakauer | The Science of Complexity

    Jon Mueller | Within Things

    Ellen Hendriksen | How to Be Yourself

    Hamilton Souther | Wheel of Existence

    Suzanne Ciani | A Life in Waves

    Daniel Pinchbeck | Balancing the Earth

    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith | Existence in the Unfurling

    Miles Neale | Disrupting Distraction

    John F Simon Jr | Stream-Entry Creativity

    Mikey Siegel | Consciousness Hacking

    JP Sears | Completely Relatable

    Charlie Ambler | Don’t Serve Your Thoughts Tea

    Rev. angel Kyodo williams | Love And Justice Are Not Two

    Ramin Nazer | You Control So Many Atoms

    Mark Coleman | From Suffering to Peace

    James Doty | The Magic of Compassion

    Michael Phillip | Nurture Your Knowledge

    Lily Cushman | Sacred Sounds

    Emily Fletcher | Stress Less, Accomplish More

    Colin Frangicetto | Being With What Is

    Jeff Warren | The Head Trip

    Matt Haig | Notes On A Nervous Planet

    Josh Korda | Opt Out Of Delusion

    Erick Godsey | Thoughts Have People

    Miles Neale | Gradual Awakening

    Brian Ramisch | Notes From The Inner World

    Susan Piver | The Four Noble Truths Of Love

    George Haas | The Meaningful Life

    William Von Hippel | The Social Leap

    Sahara Rose | Eat Feel Fresh

    Hamilton Souther | Returning To The Source

    Damien Echols | High Magick

    Tero Isokauppila | Mushroom Magic

    Evan Thompson | Waking Dreaming Being

    Kevin Kelly | Gratitude Is The Only Prayer

    Dr. Dan Engle | Born To Bond

    Brandon Beachum | Good Vibrations

    Michael Phillip | Computer Love

    Daniele Bolelli | The Tao of Conan

    Gene Baur | Eating For Peace

    Frank Ostaseski | Learning From Dying

    Shozan Jack Haubner | Zen Confidential

    John F Simon Jr | Your Life Is A Self-Portrait

    Shinzen Young | The Science of Enlightenment

    Dr. Daniel Siegel | Wheel of Awareness

    Devendra Banhart | The Luminosity of Now

    Kevin Kaiser | All Is Well

    Andrea Petersen | Quieting The Worry Soundtrack

    Colin Frangicetto | Give Way To Awe

    Jon Hopkins | Singularity

    Malcolm Rossiter | The Harmony of Existence

    Dr David Vago | Mapping The Meditative Mind

    Michael Phillip | Waves of Being

    Botany | The Light Is Raw

    Lama Tsultrim Allione | Journey Into The Mandala

    Donald Hoffman | The Case Against Reality

    Brian Ramisch | Collecting Reality Maps

    Kelly Carlin | Hearing Yourself Through The Noise

    Vince Horn | The Deep End Of The Awakening Pool

    Zach Leary | How Big Data Is Shaping The Political Landscape

    Gretchen Rubin | What Makes A Person Happy

    Guided Meditation: Who is Breathing?

    Chris Grosso | Dead Set On Living

    David Heti | And You Will Regret It

    Hamilton Souther | Absorbing The Myth

    Ryan Holiday | The Conspiracy Of Writing

    Culadasa | The Mind Illuminated

    Daniele Bolelli | Drinking Wine From The Skulls Of Public Intellectuals

    John F Simon Jr | Understanding Your Story

    Michael Phillip | The Strange Richness Of Inner Human Life

    Aubrey Marcus | Own The Day, Own Your Life

    Roshi Joan Halifax | Standing At The Edge

    Isaac Lidsky | Eyes Wide Open

    Greg Marcus | Shattering The Corporate Illusion

    Kevin Kaiser | Taking Ownership Of Life

    Conner Moore | Living It Lightly

    Jillian Pransky | Deep Listening

    Robert Thurman | Man of Peace

    William MacAskill | Doing Good Better

    Elena Brower | Meditation Without Striving

    Megan Devine | It’s OK That You’re Not OK

    Michael Phillip | Navigating Existential Aches

    Genevieve von Petzinger | The Origin Of Symbolism

    Dr Rick Hanson | How To Hardwire Happiness

    Matt Simon | The Wasp That Brainwashed the Caterpillar

    Dr Judson Brewer | Unwinding Anxiety

    Lewis Howes | The Mask of Masculinity

    Sharon Salzberg | Real Love

    Kyle Kingsbury | Punching Through To Peace

    Aubrey Marcus | Grabbing The Slippery Ego

    Tali Sharot | The Influential Mind

    Erick Godsey | The Awe Of Anomaly

    Michael Phillip | The Sweet Spot Of Free Will

    Donald Hoffman | How Our Perception Creates Reality

    Ryan Nicodemus | Everything That Remains

    Chris Grosso | Musical Mysticism

    Michael Garfield | When Technology Became Humanity

    Hamilton Souther | Peak States Of Consciousness

    Kevin Kaiser | Waking Up To Your Programming

    Dr Judson Brewer | The Craving Mind

    David Nichtern | Awakening From The Daydream

    Michael Phillip | The Tidal Wave Of Reality

    Lyman Hardy | Crashing Waves Of Psychedelic Culture

    Noah Lampert | Listening To The Life Force

    Jennifer Sodini | Evolve and Ascend

    Sah D’Simone | The Light And Dark Moments On The Path

    Bruce Damer | The Origin Of Life

    Jessica Golich | Overcoming Cynicism

    John F Simon Jr | Technology Is Shaping Our Reality

    Michael Donovan | A Photograph Can Steal Your Soul

    JP Sears | PodcastAF

    #77 Hamilton Souther

    #76 Liam Wilson

    #75 Michael Garfield

    #74 Shane Mauss

    #73 Live from LA with Daniele Bolelli, Zach Leary, and Michael Phillip at Mind/Wave

    #72 Zach Leary

    #71 Josh Russell

    #70 Michael Phillip

    #69 Stars and Scars

    #68 Hamilton Souther

    #67 Conner Moore

    #66 Aubrey Marcus

    #65 John F Simon Jr

    #64 Amanda Sage

    #63 Matt Xian

    #62 Now is Now

    #61 Hamilton Souther

    #60 Noah Lampert & Michael Phillip

    #59 Simon Haiduk

    #58 Chor Boogie + Elizabeth Bast

    #57 Brian Ramisch

    #56 Michael Phillip

    #55 Kevin Kaiser

    #54 Daniele Bolelli

    #53 Yoshino

    #52 Hamilton Souther

    #51 John F Simon Jr

    #50 Alexandre Tannous

    #49 David Heti

    #48 Noah Lampert

    #47 Michael Phillip

    #46 Cory Reads Cory

    #45 Seed of Intention

    #44 Kelly MacLean

    #43 Release Into Now

    #42 We Are Human, After All

    #41 Death Ceremonies and Earth Cycles

    #40 Existential Paralysis

    #39 The Catacombs Of Our Mind

    #38 One Pointed Mind

    #37 Kevin Kaiser

    #36 The Eagle Will Always Kill The Snake

    #35 Shattering the Mirror of Illusion

    #34 Jon Mueller

    #33 Brian Ramisch

    #32 Mitch Schultz [DMT: The Spirit Molecule]

    #31 Lawrence English

    #30 Raghu Markus

    #29 Daniele Bolelli

    #28 Peter Falker + Jason Hollander [Meditate This!]

    #27 Hamilton Souther

    #26 Aubrey Marcus

    #25 Symbols of the Subconscious

    #24 Look Into Your Own Eyes To See Other Dimensions

    #23 Be What You Are

    #22 What is a Human?

    #21 Observing Your Thoughts

    #20 Infinity In A Grain Of Sand

    #19 Guided Meditation with Binaural Beats

    #18 Derek Walmsley [The Wire Magazine]

    #17 Consciousness Cryptomnesia

    #16 Andrew M. McKenzie [The Hafler Trio]

    #15 BINAURAL BEATS...The Making Of

    #14 Jon Mueller

    #13 John F. Simon Jr

    #12 A Trip Down The Astral Plane

    #11 The Indulgence of Now

    #10 Mitch Schultz [DMT: The Spirit Molecule]

    #9 Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

    #8 Guided Heart Opening Meditation with Binaural Beats

    #7 Killing the Shadow Demon

    #6 Remember To See The Divinity

    #5 Daniele Bolelli

    #4 Speaking From the Heart-Mind

    #3 Let's Dilate Our Energetic Receptacles

    #2 Answers To Unanswerable Philosophical Questions

    #1 Spirit Sculptures Going Into Black Holes